Dec 19 2013

Parker London At Drill My Hole

Posted by thebeast in Bobby Clark, Drill My Hole, Parker London

Bobby Clark and Parker London share a house and Bobby’s just got a new camera. He wants to run off some test shots and uses Parker as a model, until straight looking, tattooed, hunky Parker gets a bit freaked by Bobby’s attentions. He gets even more freaked later when he discovers that Bobby’s room is papered with photos. Photos of him! He goes ballistic, Bobby tries to defend himself but Parker is so worked up now he wants to teach Bobby a lesson. Bobby wants something from him? Well, maybe it’s his cock.

Throwing his roommate onto his back, Parker shoves his cock into his mouth, making him choke on what Bobby has been fantasising about; his mate’s hard shaft. Getting naked, showing of his smooth tattooed body, Parker gives Booby’s mouth a great work over, he opens up his throat with his length, shoves that head down on it getting it hard and wet until he’s ready to take things up a notch. He knows that Bobby wants his ass taken, rough and hard, by the object of his fantasy, and he bends him over, strips off his pants and gets his dick straight in there.

Though Booby’s moaning he’s loving it. He takes it willingly from his angry roommate as he’s thrown onto his back, his legs spread wide and Parker uses him as his sex toy. These two guys fuck hard and fast, angry and passionate, in Bobby’s room surrounded by photos of Parker. Until finally they give in to their passion and both guys explode pent-up wads of man cum across Booby’s body. After the Psycho Roommate cums for a second time, Parker leaves him with his jizz all over Bobby’s balls and words of warning.

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